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Dharma Treasure Buddhist Sangha

The vision of Dharma Treasure is a humane, balanced, global community of compassionate and awakened individuals.

The mission of Dharma Treasure is to offer understanding, realization, and embodiment of the teachings of the Buddha integrated with a modern, progressive scientific perspective.

Welcome!  We are a community of people interested in Buddhism and meditation.  We regularly meet to learn about the Dharma and meditate under our teacher, Upasaka Culadasa.  Our group is centered in Tucson, AZ, USA, but we have many members from all over the world who attend retreats with us and follow along online.

What students appreciate most about Culadasa is the incredible clarity, detail, and depth of knowledge that he brings to teaching meditation and Buddhism.  This website is the exclusive home to the vast audio archive of his Dharma talks and discussions.  All are free for you to download or stream.  Also available elsewhere on the site is the latest information about Culadasa’s schedule, including retreats, weekly teachings, and other events in the Dharma Treasure community.

Feel free to check out what else Dharma Treasure has to offer:

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  • For a quick read, here are some short excerpts of Culadasa’s teachings in the from of a Q&A.
  • Listen to Culadasa teach meditation at the Sit, Breath, Wake Up! teaching retreat, or hear his teachings on Buddhism at the What the Buddha Thought teaching retreat.
  • Sit down, get comfortable, and listen to a guided meditation.
  • Are you in the Tucson area?  Look at Culadasa’s regular weekly teaching and meditation calendar, and come join us!
  • Plan to attend one of Culadasa’s meditation retreats.
  • If you prefer reading to listening, there’s a Meditation Manual for experienced meditators, or you can look at the Beginning Meditation Handout.
  • Into mindfulness?  So are we!  Listen to the Magic of Mindfulness teaching retreat.
  • Keep an eye out for Culadasa’s upcoming book, The Mind Illuminated, to be published by Dharma Treasure Publishing.